PROJECT BANDI by Sakshi Mehra is a modern take on the classic bandi or Nehru jacket. Our approach towards Indian Menswear is modern and our aesthetic is contemporary. We make menswear that is both practical and makes a statement.

We at Project Bandi are inherently rebels- breaking rules of what 'should be' and 'has been' done and thrive on simple innovation. We wish to, one day, contribute to the wave that re-defined Indian menswear and quality is our top priority, and we strive to be a brand that is approachable, boasts impeccable service with great products and is essentially just a bang for your buck.

The man that wears Project Bandi is modern. His aim is to look stylish without having tried too hard. It is his simplicity and personality that inspire our design process and reflect in the character of our carefully crafted products. Project Bandi embraces contradictions in being inspired yet inspirational and unpretentious yet aspirational.

Sakshi Mehra, Founder and Creative Director of Project Bandi has degrees in Apparel Manufacture & Design and Fashion Journalism. This amalgamation gives her design process a narrative; always curious of the how's and why's more than just the outwardly aesthetic appeal of her work. Her experience as a leading Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist in Indian Films and Entertainment gave her exposure to a wide array of work- from character styling for a film to the coveted Bollywood Red Carpet. Mehra is switching gears now purely to design to satisfy her creative demons and build something from the ground up. 

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